CTC 5KolorRun in Crowley

By September 22, 2016 November 17th, 2016 Running

The Crowley Town Club 5KolorRun will take place in Crowley, Louisiana on October 8th, 2016.  The event is a 5K Run/Walk.  This is our second KolorRun event and we are very excited about it.  A portion of your entry fee is going for a great cause!!!  OncoLogics is a local cancer treatment facility in Crowley.  The Louisiana Foundation for Cancer Care, LLC helps needy patients pay for their treatments.

You do not need to be an experienced runner for this event.  This is a not a timed event.  Please do not feel the need to keep up with experienced runners.  You can run the whole event, run/walk, or just plain walk.  We invite all to come to have a good time, enjoy competing if you like and if not, just enjoy the comradery of participating for a good cause.

Colored powder will be thrown at each “K” that the participants reach.  Cancer patients, their families and friends will be throwing the various colors.  All color powder is certified non-toxic and heavy metal free. The colors are made from cornstarch and dye.  You will of course want to keep it out of your eyes, nose and mouth.  Our color throwers will make sure to aim low as you pass by.  Runners are highly encouraged to wear glasses or goggles for their eyes and use a bandana or dust mask for their mouths.  A white T-Shirt is included with the event (and will be in your packet pick up) for you to wear during the run.

Yes, the color may stain your clothing.  We cannot guarantee that this will not happen.  It is recommended that you use a towel for your car after the race or even change your clothing.  Some runners cover their hair with a hat or bandanna.  Others just pull long hair back in a ponytail so that the majority of the surface is not visible.  We have even heard of runners putting Coconut Oil or Conditioner in their visible hair so that they can wash the color out quicker.  We will have an air blown cleaning station at the event in case you would like to clean yourself up.  It is recommended that you cover your phone or camera with plastic wrap if you are near any color being thrown.

Children are welcome, but, understand that you are responsible for eye protection.    We are not liable if your child inhales the color or if the color gets in their eyes.  Children six and olderwill need to register and wear a race bib.  We love pets, but they are not allowed at or in the event nor are they allowed to participate.  If you are pregnant, asthmatic, have a heart condition, cancer, or any health issue you should clear your participation with your doctor first.

There will be no refunds for the run.  With the incredible expense to put on the run we cannot issue refunds.  In the unfortunate event that the race cannot take place on the date set, we will have the race on an alternate date.  If rain is spotty on the day of the race, we will race after the weather clears.

Packet Pick UP will begin at 7:45am until ten minutes before race time.  Race time is at 9am. Please arrive timely so that this process runs smoothly.  Parking will be on side streets, The Crowley Town Club parking lot, OncoLogics Parking Lot, etc.  Please do not block any driveways in residential areas.  You will need to make sure to have a valid ID and your waiver signed.