Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

One of the primary purposes of Cajun Road Runners Club (“CRRC”) is to provide its members and other participants with the ability to participate safely in CRRC races, training runs and track workouts. These events are, at times, at the mercy of the unforeseeable circumstances that are beyond CRRC’s control.  As such, CRRC must have the ability to postpone or cancel these events when health and safety concerns (or other unforeseeable acts) warrant.

No Refunds: Most CRRC races require an extensive amount of planning and pre-event expenses that include proper permitting, course control, and the purchase of food and beverages, shirts, and race awards. As such, if a race is cancelled, CRRC will not provide refunds to participants, sponsors, vendors, or others who have expended funds on the race.  The Board of Directors, with consultation with the Club President and the Cajun Cup Race Director, may, however, authorize partial or full refunds (or other accommodations such as deferred payment for a year) at their discretion under extraordinary circumstances.

Circumstances for Cancellation or Postponement: By definition, all unforeseeable events or occurrences that may affect CRRC events cannot be succinctly defined.  CRRC acknowledges that its events are in South Louisiana where hot and humid days are common in any season. As such, CRRC events generally shall occur come rain,  or shine because CRRC understands the training and expense participants have invested in competing in CRRC races and training.

However, sometimes unusual events — weather and otherwise — demand changes. The health and safety of CRRC members, other participants and the community at large, are the overarching criteria CRRC will follow in deciding whether a race should be postponed or cancelled.

Weather: Unusually hot, humid, wet, cold, or icy conditions may cause the postponement or cancellation of a race, training run or track workout.  This also includes the existence of visible lighting, strong or dangerous wind conditions, hail, heavy rain and flooding.

Fires and Air Quality:  The presence of fires and poor air quality in and around the race, training run or track workout location may cause the postponement or cancellation of an event. Other Circumstances: Unforeseen actions by others that affect a CRRC race, training run or track workout may cause postponement or cancellation of an event.  These include, but are not limited to, actions by governmental entities, actions by law enforcement, unanticipated road/trail closures, the existence of dangerous animals on the course, civil unrest, acts of terrorism, war, and other natural or unnatural acts that have historically been attributed to God, the Devil or any of the lesser-known deities.

Postpone/Cancellation Procedure:  CRRC will strive to keep participants and the community apprised of any postponement or cancellation of its events. It will do this through its website, email, traditional media outlets and social media. All participants are urged to check the CRRC & Cajun Cup  website in the days leading up to an event for the most current event conditions and updates.

The organizers of CRRC training runs and track workouts have the discretion to postpone or cancel these events based on the above criteria.  Any cancellations shall be reported to the CRRC President.

Before a CRRC race is cancelled or delayed by more than one hour, the race director shall confer with the CRRC President to discuss options. Prior to cancelling a CRRC race or delaying the race by more than one hour, the Race Director shall use his/her best efforts to communicate the issues and a recommendation to the CRRC Board of Directors. The Board of Directors, in consultation with the race director and the Club President, shall make the ultimate decision to cancel a race.